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Royal Pahang Weave Foundation

Yayasan Tenun Pahang Diraja (Royal Pahang Weave Foundation) is a trustees incorporation, incorporated under the laws of Trustees (Incorporation) 1952 (Act 258) established on 29 September 2017. 

The objective of the foundation is to develop the Royal Pahang Weave (Tenun Pahang Diraja) into a heritage craft industry – one that is capable of improving the standard of living of those involved, as well as creating new and equal work opportunities for craftspeople, weavers and artisans alike. The Foundation was founded by His Majesty King Abdullah of Malaysia.  Meanwhile, Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Malaysia is the co-founder and chairman of this foundation. The Royal Pahang Weave Foundation is one of three national entities that represent Malaysia in the World Craft Council Asia Pacific Region (WCC APR).

To become a globally recognised foundation capable of developing, instilling commercial value to, preserving the savoir-faire and restoring the quality of Tenun Pahang Diraja (Royal Pahang Weave). In addition, to develop Tenun as a craft heritage industry under the patronage of the Palace of the Malaysian state of Pahang. 

Restoring the prestige and artistry of Tenun Pahang Diraja (Royal Pahang Weave) and preserving its legacy through time and across borders, as it evolves into a class of its own. 

To develop and shape Tenun Pahang Diraja as the craft identity of the state of Pahang.


To raise the standard of living of craftspeople, weavers and artisans by creating new and equal work opportunities.

To preserve and restore the identity of Tenun Pahang Diraja (Royal Pahang Weave) as a craft heritage to be inherited by future generations through training and guidance.

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